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The Universal Laws: What You Should Know About the Universal Laws.

In the grand tapestry of the Universe, countless Laws weave together to create the complex dance of life. Last month, we delved into the Universal Law of Light, and now, I invite you to join me in unlocking the profound wisdom of the Universal Laws that shape our existence.

#1 – Three Pillars of Wisdom: Universal, Cosmic, and Archetypal Laws

In my journey as a Mindset Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher, I’ve discovered the transformative energy of three distinct types of Laws:

  • The Universal Laws
  • The Cosmic Laws
  • The Archetypal Laws.

The Universal Laws embody the innate strength within every living being to manifest growth and success. They unveil the blueprint of creation, but it’s crucial to understand that relying solely on one Law, such as the Law of Attraction, is ignorant.

The Cosmic Laws, unwavering and eternal, maintain the order of the Universe. They teach us that challenges are growth opportunities, much like the structured education our children undergo to prepare for life’s challenges.

Embedded within the Archetypal Laws are the Sub-Laws, forming the twisting framework for manifestation. Recognising the Law of One, the Law of Two, and the Law of Three is the key to navigating this complex web of cosmic principles.

#2 – Omnipresence of Universal Laws

Universal Laws, unlike human constructs like time, transcend the boundaries of space and time. Your Energy Frequency and actions influence the energetic cords that connect all existence. Embrace the omnipresence of these Laws, for they respond to the vibes you emit into the cosmic symphony.

#3 – No Exceptions: The Universal Laws Count for Everyone

In the cosmic realm, there are no VIP passes or exceptions. The Universal Laws apply to all, irrespective of social status, wealth, or background. Your Energy Frequency, choices, and actions are the true currencies of the Universe. Any attempt to outsmart or manipulate these Laws is a pointless act driven by the ego’s fear-based mind.

Even the Source of Love, or God, follows these Laws to answer prayers and guide us. The Universal Law of Free Will stresses the importance of respecting each being’s choices and decisions.

#4 – Breaking Free: Your Life, Your Rules

Banish the notion of fate and destiny. You hold the reins to your destiny with the power of Free Will. If your Desired Outcomes don’t seem to manifest, it’s not the fault of the Universe but a misalignment of your Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions. Recognise that inaction is also a decision and that fear, a powerful force, can be conquered.

#5 – Decoding Complexity: Similar yet Individual Laws

The Universal Laws, with their subtleties and nuances, can seem confusing. Laws like the Law of Attraction and the Law of Magnetism, with their Sub-Laws, intertwine in a delicate dance. Understanding their distinctions is vital to harnessing their individual powers effectively.

Five Ways to Embrace the Universal Laws

Now that we’ve unravelled the cosmic wisdom, let’s explore practical ways to integrate the Universal Laws into your life:

  1. Manifest Your Desired Outcomes: Beyond the Law of Attraction, explore the rich potpourri of Universal Laws to manifest your dreams.
  2. Have a More Balanced Life: Seek balance in all aspects, guided by Laws like the Law of Giving and Receiving, the Law of Karma, and the Law of Justice.
  3. Communicate with the Universe: Speak the language of Energy, not just words. Learn to decode the Universe’s responses through the vibrations you radiate.
  4. Remove Blocks: Identify and eliminate self-imposed barriers by aligning with the Universal Laws. Your synergy with the Universe will yield transformative results.
  5. Understand Yourself and Why You Do as You Do: Elevate your Energy Frequency through self-healing. The Universal Laws serve as a guide on your journey toward becoming an Ascended Master.

In the complex dance of the cosmos, the Universal Laws are your guiding light. Embrace them, align with them, and witness the profound transformation they bring to your life.

Ready to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe?

Dive deep into the wisdom of the Universal Laws – your gateway to a life of manifestation and fulfilment. Your journey starts here. Act now and empower your cosmic destiny.

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Tap into the cosmic wisdom of "The Universal Laws" guide. Align your energy, manifest desires, and communicate effectively with the universe. Break free from misconceptions and unlock your highest potential. Your destiny awaits!

Sabrina Seraphiel Bøglund

Sabrina Seraphiel Bøglund is a Danish Mindset Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Manifestation Expert and Writer, who Specialises in the Universal Laws and Helping People who Wants Reclaim Their Life after Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse. With over 16 Certifications, over 1½ Decades of experience as a Professional Spiritual Teacher, author of 6 books, including "Manifestation 101" and "Åndelig Kommunikation" (Spiritual Communication), and Growing Up with an Abusive Narcissistic Mother with Psychopathic Traits, Sabrina Knows First-Hand the Power of Mindset and Manifestation. Join her Community Today at https://boglund.com and Start Creating the Life You Deserve.

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