The Universal Laws: What Every Lightworker Should Know About the Universal Laws.

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The Universal Laws: What Every Lightworker Should Know About the Universal Laws.

Last month, we started this Monthly Universal Laws series, where I’m introducing you to Universal Laws you should know.

There are hundreds of billions of different Universal Laws. All play a little part in a bigger picture. They are cogwheels that make the whole Universal Maschine running. If one is unbalanced or blocked, everything else is affected

So picking one Law out, e.g. the Law of Attraction, and making that Law the centre for all teaching of, e.g. Manifestation, is a huge mistake! – and the reason why you can’t get a successful outcome.

#1 – There are 3 Types of Laws:

In my work, I’m working with 3 types of Laws.

  • The Universal Laws
  • The Cosmic Laws
  • The Archetypal Laws

The Universal Laws.

The Universal Laws contain the knowledge that all living beings have the vitality and the strength to gather from themselves all the things necessary for their growth and fruition.

This means that you have the strength within yourself to get everything you need for your growth and success!

And so has everybody else! – Any living being, past, present, future, all have this strength!

The Universal Laws have the understanding and knowledge of how everything comes into being. You may know you have all the answers and you have the perfect plan, but you only know what your mind is capable of perceiving. And your perception will always be limited because of your Egos fear-based mind.

The Cosmic Laws.

The Cosmic Laws are the only things in life that never change. The Cosmic Laws don’t break or bend. 

The Cosmic Laws are also known as Divine Order.

Divine Order is inevitable, like Death, Birth and the School of Life.

Sometimes something is meant to go wrong in order for you to learn what you need to learn to get your Desired Outcome. We are putting our kids in school for at least 10 years so they have the necessary skills to succeed in life and have a good life, right? 

It’s the same with the Universe and the Cosmic Laws. 

The Universal Laws are the cogwheels that keep the Universe running, the Cosmic Laws the frames that keep everything in unbreakable Divine Order.

The Archetypal Law // Sub-Laws.

This is a prototype for the echoing reflections of other Laws and which serves as the skeleton or framework for other Laws. 

The first archetype law is the Law of One.
Second is the Law of Two.
The third is the Law of Three. 

This apparent division is never-ending so long as the Law of Description is in effect.

The Laws falling under the Archetypal Law are also called Sub-Laws. The infamous Law of Attraction is a Sub-Law to the Law of Magnetism. 

The tricky part with this type of Law is that if you don’t understand all of them and know how they work, you won’t succeed. One is not enough to get the wheels in motion.

#2 – The Universal Laws are Omnipresence.

The Universal Laws are everywhere, anytime…

Time and place, as we know it as humans, only exist in our world. Time is human-made since we are the only ones who grasp the idea of past-present-future. 

As you will see, as this monthly series of introductions to Universal Laws continues, all Universal Laws are influenced by your Energy Frequency and your Actions. It’s energetical cords that link everything together. When you change your Actions, new cords get activated and thereby, what information the Universal Laws receive. 

Where there is energy,  so are there Universal Laws.

#3 – No one is Above the Universal Laws.

There are no loopholes or ways to bend the Universal Laws, and there is definitely no one who is above them. 

The Universal Laws apply to Everyone, no matter social status, net worth, profession, health situation, skin colour, nationality, age, religion, etc.

The only thing the Universe cares about is your Energy Frequency, what Choices you make, and what Actions you take!

When it comes to the Universe, EVERYTHING is Energy.

No money, religion, the position of power or social status can hide your Energy from the Universe. Quite the opposite, actually! Trying to hide your Energy Frequency or trying to bend or break the Universal Laws are acts of the Ego’s Fear-Based Mind. 

Seeing yourself superior to the Universal Laws is also an act of the Ego’s Fear-Based Mind. Seeing yourself as superior is a sign of fear of losing control and distrust in the Universe.

What about God?

In my work, I refer to God as the Source of Love. Partly because I don’t belong to any religion. Partly because I want my work to be communicated in a Universal Language, hence why I also write in English and not Danish. And Partly because the Source of Love is very straightforward to work with from a scientific viewpoint.

The Universal Laws also apply to the Source of Love or God because It/He is a part a component in the big Universe Maschine. In order to answer prayers and guide people, the Source of Love/God needs to follow the Universal Laws. This is why you must Invoke and Pray for Divine help or guidance if you desire Divine intervention in your situation. The Universal Law of Free Will states, “No one and Nothing can Interfere with Your Free Will.” That, of course, also means that you can’t interfere with others either.

#4 – They are Not Preventing You From Getting What You Want!

I know people who have been through so much shit that they almost have given up. They always give me the same “It’s just not my fate!”-excuse.

There is no such thing as fate and destiny!

You are in full charge of how your life unfolds!
You have Free Will, and you are Free to do whatever you want to do!

But all actions have consequences, some good, some bad, some right in the middle. Every action has its effects, and every effect has its action.

Remember, no action is also an action! – and avoiding making a decision is also making a decision.

We have all been in situations where we felt we had no choice because if we didn’t do what was asked of us, something terrible would happen to ourselves or someone we care about. This happens because someone got into your head and used fear to control you. Fear can be very powerful, but only if you let it get into your head.

The truth is, even if it feels like you have no choice, there is actually a way out of the mess. You just need to silence your Fear-Based Mind, think creatively and outside the box and be brave enough to get out without hurting yourself or others.

When it comes to Manifesting more Money, a Successful Career, a Relationship, Having a Child, etc., it’s not the Universal Laws that stop you from having what you desire. Most likely, your Desired Outcome blocked your most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions don’t support your Desired Outcome. That’s very simple to fix since it’s a matter of bringing your most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions in alignment with your Desired Outcome.

Other times, the Desired Outcome is blocked because something in your Soul Contract, Soul Book or Karmic Records doesn’t support your Desired Outcome. In these rare cases, it’s more complicated since the Desired Outcome is either Karmic Blocked or your Soul Lessons are in play. It’s often the case of infertility. It’s often a Lesson in your Soul Contract! It’s not fate or destiny because you can still have a child. You just can’t conceive it yourself. So maybe adopting a child to give it a better life than its birth parents could give it is the solution to having a child and making a difference for someone.

If something is blocked and your Desired Outcome doesn’t seem to come true, it’s never the Universe or the Universal Laws that prevent you from having it. It’s because you aren’t in alignment with your Desired Outcome, and you haven’t learned the necessary things to take the right actions to bring it into form.

#5 – Some Laws Look Alike, but are Not the Same.

Some Universal Laws have Sub-Laws or are a Sub-Law. 

The Law of Attraction is a Sub-Law to the Law of Magnetism. In fact, the Law of Magnetism has 8 Sub-Laws underneath it. All equally important.

The Law of Threefold Return has 3 Sub-Laws, including the Law of Cause & Effect.

Then there is a Universal Law like the Law of Paradox, which recognises the movement of energies in four dimensions simultaneously. The Law of Paradox combines the Law of Cause & Effect, the Law of Inertia, the Law of Macrocosm & Microcosm and the Law of Vibration.

If you don’t know the differences between Archetypal Laws and their Sub-Laws, they can all sound very identical.

Let’s take the Law of Magnetism and its 8 Sub-Laws. I’m not going to teach you these Laws. – I will only list what they mean, so you can see how easy it is to confuse them without the proper teaching and knowledge.

The Law of Magnetism states, “You can only attract the same kind of energy that you put out.”

The Law of Attraction states, “Like attracts Like! – This Law dictates that your Thoughts, Words and Deeds will Attract similar Thoughts, Words and Deeds from those you have Contacted with.”

The Law of Pure Desire states, “Your Desire must be Pure and Motivated by Love and Passion. An element of Ego cannot be present. An element of Urgency or Lack cannot exist. Total Detachment and Surrender must be exercised.”

The Law of Harmony states, “Create Loving Relationships with Everyone and Everything you come into contact with, and the Universe will Pay you back in Kind. All things in Moderation. Be Balanced in your Time. Honour Yourself as well as Others.”

The Law of Coalesce states, “When you think on something, it will attract like thoughts.”

The Law of Affinity ensures that “All Conditions and Situations the Soul Desires for Mastering Material Reality are drawn to the Attention of the Individual Intellect by Virtue of the Oneness of Universe Energy.”

The Law of Visualisation states, “You must See it in your Mind before you can Achieve it.”

The Law of Manifestation states, “For something to exist, it must exist in Thought or Consciousness first. When it comes to your own Individual Experience, it means that your own Consciousness Creates your own Personal Reality.”

The Law of Paradoxical Intent states, “The more Desperate you are to Achieve a Certain Outcome, the more does that Needy Energy Toxifies the Desired Outcome and pushes it away.”

Do you see how they are linked together, and very similar and yet different? How many of these 9 Laws have you confused for being the Law of Attraction?


I would love to hear from you; What do you take away from this article? – Let me know in the comments in the Instagram post below.

The Universal Laws: What Every Lightworker Should Know About the Universal Laws.

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