Having your Prayers answered is very much like having your Desired Outcome Manifested in your life.
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The Law of Prayer – What You Should Know about the Universal Law of Prayer.

The Universal Law series has become some of the most popular Guides on my Blog. I hope the series helps to open your eyes to how complex and huge the Universe is and how everything links together in one shape or form.

Talking about links, here is a list of the Universal Laws that are already covered on the Blog:

  1. The Universal Laws 101 
  2. The Law of Attraction
  3. The Law of Giving & Receiving
  4. The Law of Light 
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  7. The Law of Repulsion 
  8. The Law of Divine Love

The Law we will dive into this month is the Law of Prayer.

I have chosen this Law since many people are in doubt if their Prayers are heard and will be answered.

This is one of the more difficult Laws to write about since I’m not religious, and prayers are often seen as a religious practice. But even non-religious Spiritual people are using prayers to communicate with the Universe and the celestial beings.

The Universal Law of Prayer States: “Whereby man and the Source of Love (red. God) each have a part to play. Man offers the prayer; the Source answers when Man is READY to have it answered.”

The Universal Law of Prayer has two Sub-Laws:

  • Law of Believing
  • Law of Petition

Let’s keep in mind that when the Law says “Man”, it refers to the human species and not gender 😉

The Universal Law of Prayer States: “Whereby man and the Source of Love (red. God) each have a part to play. Man offers the prayer; the Source answers when Man is READY to have it answered.”

#1 – Every time You Ask the Universe for Something, You’re Praying.

If you’re working actively with Manifestation, you’re praying every time you’re working on a new Manifestation.

Every time you set a new goal or something you want to achieve or have, you’re praying.

It doesn’t matter if it’s World Peace or the latest iPhone! In the eyes of the Universe, each desire is just as important as the desire is for you.

On the other side, if you want something in life, no matter what it is, you must ASK for it. Whether you are asking God or the Universe, it doesn’t matter. 

Asking the Universe for something and Praying is the exact same thing, and both actions activate the same Energies.


Purchase the Guide by clicking the Link Below, and Learn more about the Law of Prayer and the remaining 4 tips:

#2 – It Doesn’t Really Matter How You’re Asking the Universe, Deities, and Celestial Beings for Help.

#3 – For a Prayer to be Answered, You Need to Get Out of Your Own Way.

#4 – The #1 Key to Having Your Prayers Answered is FAITH!

#5 – ALWAYS, ALWAYS Remember to Follow the Divine Guidance You Receive!

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