I've gathered 5 Secrets that I KNOW for sure will Super-Boost Your Manifestation! They are not a magic wand, but they will solve a lot of the blockages that most people experience with their Manifestations.

5 Secrets to Super-Boost Your Manifestations.

Manifestation is undoubtedly one of my favourite topics and something I’ve studied my entire life. It’s my passion and driving force! Although I’ve spent most of my life, since childhood, studying Manifestation, the Universal Laws, and Metaphysics, I still experience blockages. This is especially true when stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed by external circumstances storm my life a little too much. However, even when I experience that my Manifestations don’t always happen the way I want, or that nothing happens at all, I use Mental Alchemy to turn the situation around and use the adversity to learn and understand, instead of throwing in the towel.

By understanding Metaphysics (that which lies beyond the physical world that humans can perceive with their senses), the Universal Laws, and the Power of the Mind, it’s much easier to understand why Manifestation doesn’t always succeed. We can also use this same knowledge to find out what we can do differently to bring the Manifestation back on track.

The challenge is that our surroundings and circumstances are a reflection of something going on inside us. This gives us the power to change what we’re dissatisfied with – BUT it also means that the change must happen within ourselves. Mindset is the biggest player here, and your Mindset is the sum of your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions. So, if you, like me, struggle with stress, anxiety, burnout, get easily overwhelmed, and have chronic pain, it will affect your Mindset and make Manifestation a little more challenging until a neurological pathway has been established around the challenge. This doesn’t happen by reading a book or watching YouTube videos!

In this guide, I’ve gathered 5 Secrets that I KNOW for sure will Super-Boost Your Manifestation! They are not a magic wand, but they will solve a lot of the blockages that most people experience with their Manifestations.

Secret #1 – Find the Balance Between Being Specific but Not Too Specific.

When you learn about Manifestation and the Law of Attraction, one of the first things you’re told is to be specific about what you want. The more specific, the better!

A new car is not specific enough! You need to decide the colour, make, how it should look, and how it drives… and for your financial sake, it also makes sense to decide how far it should be able to drive on a litre/charge, green taxes, etc.

It won’t be long before you start seeing that type of car everywhere in the cityscape.

But you can also be too specific, where you will only accept the exact car, you have envisioned, and are not open to similar models. – and then the Manifestation is blocked! This is often the reason why Manifestations of a Specific Person are blocked.

You really have to be careful that your Manifestation doesn’t become black/white, all or nothing. There needs to be some buffer room for the Universe to bring you the best possible outcome within the options you have at present.

If your Energy Frequency is not a match for your Desired Outcome, it will hold back your Manifestation if you are black/white specific.

Also, you need to recognise that you don’t have the full picture and often unforeseen factors come into play.

To be perfectly honest, I often find that people can act like a spoiled teenager when they start out with Manifestation.

I prefer to leave a buffer open in my Manifestations, which is called “this or something better” and at the same time respect the Law of Free Will.

And even if you start seeing that type of car everywhere in the cityscape, it doesn’t mean your car is on its way. Other factors come into play before you can receive your new car. When you see that type of car everywhere, it’s a sign from the Universe that your wish has been heard and that you’re on the right track. So, keep your head up and continue with your Manifestation Practices.

The remaining Secrets are:

Secret #2 – Use Energy Frequencies to Attract Your Desired Outcome.

Secret #3 – Avoid Getting in the Way of the Universe Performing Its Magic.

Secret #4 – Experiment with My 11:11:11:11 Method.

Secret #5 – Remove Your Ego from the Equation.

If you want to learn more about those Secrets and how to use them in your Manifestation Practice, then click the Link Below.


Discover the keys to manifesting your dreams effortlessly. Balance specificity, align your energy, trust the process, master affirmations, and transcend ego. Elevate your mindset, transform your life.

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