5 Easy Ways to Implement the Law of Giving & Receiving in Your life This Weekend.

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5 Easy Ways to Implement the Law of Giving & Receiving in Your life This Weekend.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have talked about the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving. This Law is all about keeping a balance between the energy you are sending out and the energy you’re receiving from others. Without an equal balance, the scale will tip, and the consequences will follow. 

You could say that the Law of Giving & Receiving is a lesson in keeping a healthy balance between being selfish and selfless. No one wants to be around a selfish jerk who only does things for their own gain… and selfless giving, giving, and giving without asking for anything in return will cause massive depressions, stress, burnouts, abandonment, and heartbreak.

In this article, I will give you 5 Easy Ways to Implement the Law of Giving & Receiving in Your Life. Those ways are so easy that you can do it within a weekend.

Way #1 – Money

Money is, without doubt, one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep the scale in balance. 

Money is nothing else than an exchange energy materialised into physical form to make it easier to balance out the value between the giver and receiver. By paying money for something, you and the supplier agree upon the value of the item or service, and the energy will be balanced out. You give money to receive a product, and the supplier gives you a product and receives money.

Way #2 – Look for Opportunities to Help Others.

As a Lightworker, this one should come easy to you. Our desire to help others is so strong that you can even say helping others is a sort of life source for us. 

There will always be new opportunities to help, and there will always be someone who needs our help. But, we must always wait for someone to come to us and ask for our help. One thing is needing help, and another thing is accepting the fact of the need for help. Some people prefer suffering and being miserable, and that is totally okay! It’s their choice, and we must respect their Free Will. All you can do is let them know that you’re there and you’re willing to help if they need it.

An easy way to help and thereby give to others is helping animals in need, and offering your support and services to your local animal shelter – or even a donation will do the trick. However, as a Lightworker, you probably won’t be satisfied with only help by a money donation – you want to do something more proactive.

Way #3 – Don’t Be Afraid of Asking for Help. 

Just as others need our help, we also need others to help us from time to time. Some people, not only Lightworkers, feel it’s a sign of weakness to ask for help. That’s a huge misunderstanding. It’s quite the opposite, actually! It’s a sign of strength to know when you need help from others or when something is a bit more than you can handle. Asking for help is also a sign of bravery. 

I honestly don’t know why humans got the idea that they should be able to handle everything on their own. It has never been meant to be that way – so the very fact so many are afraid of asking for help or “show weakness” must mean they are coming from a Fear-Based Mind and have forgotten too are Lights of Love.

By asking for help, you let all those many people you’re helping every day return the favour. Every decent people will help you if you ask for it! – Especially if those people are someone you have helped in the past or regularly.

Note about Excel Sheet Relationships.

That said, I want to point out that you SHOULD NEVER treat your relationships and other people as an Excel Sheet. 

I know people in my personal life who likes to keep tabs on what they do for others and what others “owe” them in return. They literally treat their relationships and help as if it was a financial debt report, which is why I call it Excel Sheet Relationships. These people won’t accept a no or get really upset when you try to tell them that you don’t have time or opportunity to help them. 

Behaviour like this is taking balancing giving and receiving way too far. People don’t like to be told what to do or demanded to do something. All this will do is push people away from you and destroy, otherwise, good relationships with loving and caring people. Demanding someone to help you right here, right now, because they “owe” you are an egocentric act.

Balancing the giving and receiving energies between you and another person should NEVER be at the cost of the relationship to that person. It’s not the other person who does something wrong – it’s you because you are the one who doesn’t respect their Free Will. 

That will always backfire! 

As one of the Judgment Angels, I can reveal that this type of behaviour will ALWAYS add some karmic lessons to your future reincarnations. Treat people with respect, and have faith that they eventually will find a way to balance out the energies. Let it happen naturally instead of trying to control the narrative.

Way #4 – Set Boundaries.

We all know the importance of setting healthy boundaries… and I think most of us also know what healthy boundaries are. The challenge is to put it into practice and stay with them when you’re standing in front of another person.

I know, I don’t have to remind you about how important it is to learn to say “no” if you don’t really want to do something. You know that already… it’s just so damn difficult to practice at that moment where a friendly “no” is needed.

The Excel Sheet-people may claim that their debt-system of help and services is a tool to know when to decline to help someone. Still, as mentioned above, that behaviour is Fear-Based, egocentric and self-righteous – it will only push people away, leaving you in loneliness. On top of that, the Judgment Angels will add some karmic lessons to your future reincarnations you easily could avoid if you treated others with respect and acknowledged their Free Will.

Your Well-Being Should Always Have First Priority.

My suggestion is, to be honest with yourself about your own time and energy. Don’t sacrifice anything for your own well-being! Please, promise me that! 

Your well-being is the key to being truly helpful and happy. If you’re suffering of any kind, you won’t be able to help and make a difference fully. Neglecting your own well-being will eventually result in depression, stress, and pain. It’s okay to be “selfish” to take time to yourself.

The more you take care of yourself, the more resources and energy do you have to give to others!

Be Realistic.

Are you the right person to help them? 

Sometimes people will come to you with something that really requires someone professionally trained. Even as Spiritual Teachers & Healers, we need to take a step back if we can see the person needs medical assistance. 

In many health-related cases (physically and mentally), the ethically right thing to do is recommend the client to see a doctor or psychotherapist and let the spiritual healing, life coaching, or alternative treatment be a support or additional treatment for faster recovery. NEVER ask someone to get off their medication or stop their medical treatment without them talking with their doctor first. 

The goal is to have the western medical industry working together with the eastern-and spiritual healing methods for the best results. Since there is still resistance from the western medical industry, we need to lend a helping hand while scientists have time to run their tests.

Is it a Friend or Client?

This boundary is one of the more difficult ones. When does a person go from being a friend to becoming a client? It’s not when payment is involved since you can always treat clients for free.

Suppose you’re trained or certificated in something. In that case, the border can go where you start using the techniques and methods related to your educations, training, and certifications.

Suppose your abilities are something you’ve been able to do your entire life, like energy healing, clairvoyance, mediumship, intuitive guidance, etc. In that case, it might be a little more complicated. The same goes with reading tarot cards and oracle cards.

The questions I’m asking myself in these situations are:

  • How much time am I going to use to help this person? Is it something we can do in a day, or would it be a long process?
  • How much of my free time and energy am I willing to spend on this?
  • What would I have to say no to or give up in order to be able to help this person? (time with your family, alone time, exercising, housekeeping, seeing your friends… less time with your kids)
  • How often does this person come to me for help? Do I see any progress in their life?
  • Does the person suffer from self-learned helplessness? Are they stuck in the victimhood of their own pity?
  • In all honesty, do I really think I can help them? Are they really ready for my help and the change?
  • How is my health and well-being at the moment? Should I spend the time and energy on my own healing?
  • Does the person always want, want, and want but never really give anything in return? Like helping me out when I need it? – or even say thank you?

By the way, the last one is not the same as keeping an Excel Sheet. It’s merely an observation you do at some point where you realise the person only thinking about themselves, living in their own little bubble, and only caring for you when they need something from you. It’s a silent observation of their pattern. You can’t change other people – but you can say no if you feel you’re being used.

Note: If you decide to take a person as a client, you should charge $100-200/hour as a minimum to balance out the giving and receiving energy.

Way #5 – Remove Energy Vampires from Your Life.

Energy Vampires got their name from their ability to suck all life and energy out of you like the vampires you know from the cartoons. Energy Vampires are humans who are taking victimhood and self-pity to such an extreme that they become a burden to be around. They are so stuck in their Fear-Based Mind that they only can see fear, pain and anxiety everywhere around them. You could say they are living in some sort of a living hell, and they’re trying to drag you down with them.

Energy Vampires are also the people who just keep talking, asking, and wanting something from you and NEVER give anything in return. If you tell them no, they will throw a tantrum, like a tired toddler, telling you how awful everything is, how everyone doesn’t understand how hard it is for them. Everything then doesn’t matter… some even go to the extent of threatening to take their own life if you don’t help them – which they most likely won’t since they are too afraid to do it. 

If you know this type of person, recommend them to talk with a professional and then leave. You can always get back when they have got their life back together. Just don’t feel obligated to fix their problems or help them when they pull that act. 

The only thing that truly helps this type of people is giving them an ultimatum and walking away when they start their pity party. You don’t owe them anything. 

You have to promise me that you NEVER will let ANYONE bully you in to help them or do something for them.

Some Energy Vampires are more subtle… those are the people whom you always get super tired from hanging out with. It’s not necessarily something they had said or done. You’re just exhausted from being in their company! Sometimes it can take days for you to recover and get back to full speed again. 

It’s never a good idea to confront an Energy Vampire since the chances they are aware of how their behaviour or presence affects you is very low.  Most of them will also go directly into defence mode and throw tantrums. Just slowly wake away and tell them that you’re busy when they are trying to get your attention. They will eventually stop contacting you and move on with their life. 

The only cure for Energy Vampires is letting them run their course, hitting the wall or falling over the edge, and thereby getting into therapy. They won’t listen to common sense before life doesn’t give them any other choice. 

This was the Third article of 4 in a mini-series about the Law of Giving and Receiving.

For 2 weeks ago, I released an article called What You Should Know About The Law of Giving & Receiving – aka the Law of Balancing Energies. 

And last week, Why the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving is WAY more important than the Law of Attraction.

Next week, I will release the last article in our mini-series called Winning Tactics For the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving.

5 Easy Ways to Implement the Law of Giving & Receiving in Your life This Weekend.

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