3 Big Lies about Spirituality and Being a Spiritual Person

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Entering the spiritual world, you’ll soon discover many misconceptions and lies about spirituality and being a spiritual person. In this article, I share some of them.

Over the years, I have heard A LOT of misconceptions and “lies” about spirituality and being a spiritual person. I will address some of those misconceptions and lies in this article.

Growing up in a family where everyone is open to spirituality and all have some sort of abilities, I have always had a very neutral view on spirituality and being a spiritual person. We talk about spiritual events and experiences like other families talk about the weather and what’s going on in the world. In other words; It’s COMPLETELY normal to talk about supernatural activities when we are out and about… or sharing something that popped in on our psychic radar.

I started my first spiritual-based business in 2008. The public view on spirituality and how a spiritual person should behave was slightly different from what it is today. Thank God we are moving in a direction where non-spiritual people get less judgmental. As a professional Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Counsellor, I have heard so much bullshit you won’t believe it! 

My grandmom often told me that it’s best that we keep anything spiritual within the family and the house’s four walls because people outside won’t understand. While I don’t believe it’s healthy to hide who you are, I will admit that I understand why she advised me not to practice spirituality in public. 

People can be really mean toward anything that is different from what they are comfortable with. I think the difference between my grandmom and me is that I don’t really feel I have any other choice than being a Spiritual Teacher and helping other Lightworkers to heal and create a life in Light and Love for themselves. 

It’s not a choice – it’s a call – the purpose of my incarnation!

… and because I don’t want to let others succeed in bullying me into being “normal” or be the way they think I should be! I don’t want to live like a shadow of myself, so random people feel more comfortable with their limiting beliefs and lack of tolerance for diversity. I’m not going to play that game!

Let’s get started…

Lie #1: Spirituality and Religion is the Same Thing.

You can be religious and spiritual at the same time.

You can also be spiritual without being religious.

Or religious without being spiritual. 

It’s a common mistake to mix those two terms together.

Religion is a set of rules, principles and dogma people choose to live by and some view it as the only Truth. The thing with religion is, it’s human-made. 

Every religion that ever had existed, existing or will exist are made by humans as a guideline of how to live a better life and get to Heaven when we die.

Spirituality, on the other hand, is the acknowledgement that there is something more than the naked eye can see. 

It’s the acknowledgement of Spirit – which really is another word for Energy. 

Spiritual people are often open-minded and focused on living a life in Light and Love and having Peace of Mind. We use whatever techniques and tools that feels right for us… shopping around, and picking and choosing from all the opportunities there are. This is why some spiritual practices are inspired by certain religions.

Religious people tend to stick with one way of doing things, and that’s what is written in their religion’s Holy text!

Lie #2: Only the “Selected” One’s have Psychic Abilities (like Clairvoyance). 

There is no such a thing as “the Chosen One”, “the Selected”, “Special Gifted”, and so forth. 

It’s the human Ego’s need to separate things and judge others to be above or below yourself!

As my old dance teacher once said, “You can do anything! Sometimes you just have to practice to be good at it!” That statement has just stuck with me ever since!

Look, the truth is, EVERY baby is born with psychic and spiritual abilities! 

EVERY baby! 

Your soul used these abilities to communicate with the Divine before your incarnation into this life and during the pregnancy. Even though the early part of your childhood.

Then around the age of 4-8, something happens, and some people’s abilities start to shut down. It’s usually due to cultural or societal environments or their parents fears of the unknown. It can also be due to bullying and name-calling in school or after-school clubs.

I have never met a person with abilities who hasn’t been bullied and name called!

Do you remember those invisible friends you had when you were a child? – Those are usually your guardian angels, spirit guides, and deceased family members!

They are still around you, and they are still trying to communicate with you and protect you – but because you were told not to be weird or to grow up, you blocked them out.

Have you ever been told not to be so sensitive or been told that you are too empathic and care too much about other people?… or simply just that you feel too much? – This is you picking up on the Energies from your surroundings.

Everybody has abilities!

Most people had just forgotten!

Lie #3: Spiritual People Lives Like Saints their Entire Life.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think this misconception originates from when many spiritual people decided to become nuns and monks and live safely in abbeys. With safety, I mean, if you lived outside of an abbey and practised anything remotely spiritual (and wasn’t a part of the royal court), there was a big chance that you would be executed. 

Let’s all take a moment to be grateful for we live in a time and age where it is, in most parts of the world, safe to practice spirituality… and that we are aware of what parts of the world we have to be more careful.

Spiritual people don’t live like monks and nuns anymore… unless they choose to, of course! Free Will, remember!

Spiritual people are the most adventurous people I have met, curious about what life offers, and dedicated to living in Love and Light by having fun every day. We prioritise fun and joy because we know it makes us feel better! When we feel better, our Energy Frequency increases, and we are closer to the Source of Love. 

In that equation, we are also making mistakes and have our boundaries tested. We deal with judgmental and narrow-minded people, rude people, and bullies all the time. 

Spiritual people get angry, hurt, frustrated, irritated, jealous, and judgmental like anyone else. It’s part of being human to experience the whole spectrum of emotions. Holding back on those negative emotions will only harm you because they will be stocked up inside of you until you explode… and that usually turns out pretty ugly! Holding negative emotions back also lies heavy on your Energy Frequency, which will influence every single part of your life and your manifestations. 

Instead of suppressing negative emotions, we should make an effort in learning how to cope with them, learn from them, and be grateful for the insight they bring us.

When it comes to sexuality and relationships, spiritual people come in all shapes and forms. 

I know a few spiritual people who live in celibacy. Many have monogamy relationships, others have a lot of casual relationships, and then I know spiritual people who are polygamists.

Some are straight, some are gays, some are lesbians, some are bi, and anything in between. 

Some identify as women, some identify as men, some as nonbinary, and anything in between. 

I’m trying hard not to offend anyone here because I know it’s a sensitive topic. What I’m trying to say is, Spirituality doesn’t have any rules for your sexuality, relationships, and sex life! 

Everyone is accepted as they are and respected for how they choose to live their life.


To me, Spirituality is the FREEDOM to be yourself and express yourself in what way and form that makes you truly happy! There are no rules, principles or dogma you HAVE to follow. There is no book of right or wrong!

All there is are you and whatever makes you happy and closer to the presence of Divine Love and Light. 

Remember, Spirituality means living in Energy! Everyone does, really, but most people just forget that they have the freedom to live the life they desire… if they are willing to let go of all the stuff that is holding them back.

Spirituality doesn’t tell you to want to do or think – It only asks you to choose Love over fear!

Living a spiritual life really comes down to accepting and respecting each living being from a place of Love, Understanding, and Forgiveness. Everyone is free to choose what life they wish to have, as they are free to choose whether or not they gonna changes unwanted situations in their lives. We must respect others for the choices they make, even though we might disagree.

Entering the spiritual world, you’ll soon discover many misconceptions and lies about spirituality and being a spiritual person. In this article, I share some of them.

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