6 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Spirituality.

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There are soooooo many misconceptions about Spirituality out there, and many are thousands of years old. Here are the 6 of the misconceptions I meet daily.

As a Spiritual Teacher, I’m met with a lot of misconceptions about what I’m doing and what Spirituality really is. I have also experienced that people sometimes are a little stand-offish or unsure when it comes to Spirituality and Spiritual conversations.

There is nothing new to this. People have misunderstood Spirituality for thousands of years. Instead of learning about Spirituality, they decided to execute Spiritual People for witchcraft and blame all bad things on the “witches”.

Misconception #1 – Spirituality is a Religion or Sect.

Most religions and sects have roots in Spirituality, but that is not equivalent to Spirituality being a religion or a sect.

I, for one, am VERY firm that I am not religious or belong to any religion. I am Spiritual. – and I HATE getting all kinds of religious dogma pulled down my throat.

Spirituality is awareness about Spirit, Energy, and that there is more between Heaven and Earth than the naked eye can see.

It’s called a Spiritual Awakening, after all.

Most of the Spiritual People I know aren’t trying to force anything or anyone. We aren’t telling anyone how they should live their life and what’s right or wrong.

Misconception #2 – You Need a Meditation Practice.

Meditation is overrated! I’m sorry…

In my opinion, Mediation is so incredibly boring and boring doesn’t work if you have a popcorn brain. It’s absolutely impossible to sit still, make your mind silent, and focus on your breathing while your brain comes up with 117 new ideas every minute. 

Instead of relaxing and finding inner peace, Mediation becomes stressful and annoying.

I will suggest that you find ways to make your mind, body, and soul relax and find the inner peace that fits you and your temperament. 

I call it, Finding your Zen Zone.

For me, it’s going for a long walk, dancing, taking a nap, or taking a shower.

I know people whose Zen Zone is working out in the Gym. For many guys, Gaming is a Zen Zone.

Misconception #3 – Spiritual People know about All types of Spiritual and New Age Practices.

Spiritual People don’t know everything about every Spiritual and New Age practice!

I grew up with a dad and grandmom who both are Spiritual. But I have absolutely no clue about herbs, mixtures, potions, and how to cure illness with what nature has to offer. I have an Astrology certification, but it’s been so many years since I last worked with astrology that I can’t read a birth chart immediately. I’m a bit better with Numerology, which I’m also certified in, but I still prefer to have my notes at hand before I do readings for others.

I prefer to rely on my Psychic Abilities, Healing-Powers, and native Superpowers, but I use Angel Tarot Cards to get a better understanding of the information. Sometimes it’s just easier to navigate when it’s on the table.

When you dive into Spiritual Practices, you will soon find out that there are so many different branches to study. You need to follow what you’re most guided to learn more about and then start there.

Misconception #4 – People with Abilities Should Offer their Services for Free.

I am kicking people out of my life and business who expect me to work for free just because I’m offering Spiritual Services and Products. 

It’s so disrespectful and so selfish to think that another person should work for free to help you to make your life easier… powers or not…

I would recommend that you learn about the Law of Giving & Receiving and Karma. Then you will know why expecting people with Abilities to help you for Free is very wrong.

Misconception #5 – Clairvoyance is the Same as Talking with Dead People.

This is something that really annoys me when I watch something on television about Spiritual topics.

Clairvoyance means Clear VISION – That you can SEE non-physical things.

Communicating with dead people is called Mediumship and has nada-zero to do with Clairvoyance. 

If any, Clairvoyance would make you able to SEE the dead person’s spirit.

Let’s take the 4 most common Clairs.

Clairvoyance = Clear VISION – SEE the non-physical.

Clairaudience = Clear HEARING – HEAR the non-physical.

Clairsentience = Clear FEELING – FEEL the presence of the non-physical.

Claircognisance = Clear KNOWING – LEARN information from the non-physical.

There are many more Clairs, but those four are the most common. 

Most people with abilities have 1 or 2 Clairs. I, however, have all of them and more to the mix. The more Clairs you have, the more difficult it becomes to exist in this world because your senses are bombarded with information 24/7/365.

Mediumship is communicating with dead people. Mediums are often Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, so they can SEE and HEAR the deceased.

Misconception #6 – Psychics see Ghosts.

Psychics read Energy – Mediums are Talking with Dead People! 

That are two very different things!

When I was 16-17, I asked the Divine to increase my Frequency so I could only communicate with the Angels and Ascended Masters. I feel that I have more than enough in dealing with Living people; I don’t need to deal with the dead ones too.

Since it was my choice to no longer do mediumship, I do have the choice to tap into the mediumship frequency if I want to. But in my everyday life, it’s not on my table.

As a Psychic, I’m Reading Energies… from people, buildings, places, items… everything. And I’m picking up on pretty much everything – also in the category of Too Much Information – if you know what I mean 🙈🙉🙊

I SEE, HEAR, SENSE, FEEL, KNOW, SMELL, and TASTE things on an Energetic level. Sometimes it’s 1 second; other times, it is minutes. The longest period where I was picking up on information was 47 minutes. It took me about 10 days to recover from that!

Since Psychics are Reading Energies, we are walking, living, breathing lie-detectors, bullshit-detectors, and we know who to trust and who to stay away from. 

Psychics aren’t fortune-tellers and can’t tell you what your life would look like 10 years from now… simply because your future isn’t written in stone. 

Your tomorrow is a Manifestation of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions in the past and today. 

So if you want Success and Happiness in the future, then you must bring your thoughts, emotions and actions in alignment with Happiness and Success. Your Life, Your Choices, Your Responsibility.


There are soooooo many misconceptions about Spirituality out there, and many are thousands of years old. Here are the 6 of the misconceptions I meet daily.

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