5 Success Tips If You Really Want to Accomplish Your Goals in 2022.

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We’re halfway through 2022, and soon we will return to work and school after our Summer Break, which makes it the perfect time to review your Goals for 2022.

How well is it going with achieving your 2022 goals?

Have you achieved some of your goals? – or none of them?

Today we will look into some things you can do to super-boost your 2022 goals.

Success Tip #1 – Be Very Focused on What You Want to Achieve.

If you’re trying to accomplish too many things at once, you most likely won’t succeed in any of them. You’ll stretch yourself too thin!

My recommendation is to focus on max. 5 Main Goals.

For each of the 5 Main Goals, you can break it into 3 Sub-Goals for the Quarter.

Then break the 3 Quarter Goals into 4 Monthly Action Steps.

Let’s say one of your Main Goals for 2022 is to lose 20 kg.

Then one of the Quarterly Sub-Goal would obviously be losing 5 kg per quarter. 

Monthly Action Steps:

  • Losing 1,5 kg. per month
  • Walk 10,000 steps per day.
  • Do daily Self-Love and Body-Love affirmations in front of the mirror.

Now do the same for the 2 other Sub-Goals.

By breaking Main Goals down into Quarter Goals and Monthly Action Steps, it becomes more manageable and easier to implement into your daily life.

It’s important to keep your mind at peace if you desire successful results for your goals. Stress, frustration, desperation, and odd dodge to get what you want, will only slow or block your process.

Success Tip #2 – Eliminate Your Blocks.

Your blocks are usually not what you think your blocks are! Many people think outside circumstances, things, or people are the reason why they can achieve their goals. – but that isn’t true!

Sure, the prices of gas, groceries, and everything else are sky-high right now, and we are all affected by the war in Ukraine. Along with still being in the aftermath of COVID.

But Global crises only have as much influence over you and YOUR achievements as you let them. The first thing would be to stop watching the News every day. I prefer to get my News-Updates as notifications on my iPhone, and then I watch 21Søndag to get the highlights of the week. If you want to live a High Vibe Life and create a life of Happiness, Joy and Love for yourself and your loved ones, you must stop feeding your consciousness with all the bad things that happen in the world. Highlights are enough.

When you move your focus from death and destruction to focus on what you can do right now to achieve your goals, with the resources available to you, you bring yourself in a much better alignment with your Desired Outcome.

The BIGGEST Blocks that prevent you from getting what you want are your own Fears, Pains, and Anxieties… and Global crises and psychopathic world leaders are just feeding into those fears, pains, and anxieties.

It’s not time, money, resources, network, etc., that blocks you from achieving your goals. It’s not fate or destiny, or even God’s Will, that prevents you from getting what you want.

It’s all your excuses and “reasons” for why you can’t do what it takes.

… and there is no such a thing as “I don’t have enough time!”Time is all about prioritising, so if you don’t have time to do what it takes, then you don’t want enough! You’re not losing 20 kg if you sit still all day because you’re busy with work, right?

Success Tip #3 – Know Your WHY.

It’s not enough to have a goal like “I want to be a millionaire!” if there isn’t a passionate WHY behind it. Being able to pay your bills and travel first class doesn’t really cut it.

You need to dive deep and look at the true reason behind wanting to be a millionaire. Is the reason driven by your Ego or Fear? – or is it driven by your Soul or Divine Love? There is no wrong or right answer here, you just need to be honest with yourself.

In my Manifestation Training Programs, I have some exercises that help you to discover your True WHY and reveal if your WHY is the low vibe or High Vibe.

One of the rules I live by is only to do what I’m passionate about. If I’m not passionate about something, it’s just not gonna happen! It’s that simple!

I’m also creating my goals based on what I want to feel in life, and passion is one of my life sources. Without passion for what I’m doing, I can’t breathe, and I feel stuck in a black pit.

Whether you choose your Goals first and then later tap into your WHY or you create your Goals based on WHY you want them, it’s up to you.

Want to be a millionaire and having Financial Freedom are two very different approaches. The first is created by your Ego, and the latter is created by Divine Love.

Success Tip #4 – Take Actions Every Day.

In tip #1, I told you to break your Main Goals down into Quarterly Sub-Goals, and Monthly Action Steps. This tip is about implementing the goals and action steps into your daily life.

If you don’t take action on your goals, then they are nothing else than just a dream!

When we don’t take action on our goals, it’s usually because we are afraid of the changes that will follow when we achieve our goals. It’s a paradoxical intention! We really want to achieve our goals but are afraid of how our lives will change when we have our desired outcome. That fear is very prone to prevent us from doing what needs to be done and thereby block the Manifestation.

This is another reason I believe it’s better to part your goals into smaller, more manageable sub-goals than go from zero to a hundred in one step.

You can take daily action in two ways. You can use your list from Tip #1 and work on your Monthly Action Steps, or you can ask yourself this magical question:


Whatever comes to mind is your Divinely assignment to achieve your goal. Collaboration with the Universe is the key!

Success Tip #5 – Master the Art of Getting What You Want.

Getting what you want is not acting like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum! It’s about working in synergy with the Universe and becoming a Manifestation’s Master.

No matter what goals you have for 2022…

No matter what you want to achieve…

No matter what your Desired Outcomes are…

… it can come true if you’re in Vibrational Alignment with your Desired Outcome and take Supportive Action Steps to make the Manifestation come true.

I don’t believe in one-time solutions since most goals require maintenance. 

Would you be satisfied with losing 20 kg this year for then gaining it all back again in a short time? The goal should then change from losing 20 kg to maintaining your Desired Weight.

Or let’s talk about money…
Would you be most satisfied with manifesting $1,000,000 in 2022 or have a continuous inflow of millions for the rest of your life? … or until you change your goal?

Manifesting $1,000,000 in 2022 is a one-time thing, and we all know that you will spend that money way faster than you got them, right? So within a couple of months, you are more broke than you were before you got your 1M bucks. Why? Because you very quickly developed some very expensive habits.

This is why Financial Freedom is a better approach than wanting to become a millionaire. Financial Freedom invokes the continuous inflow of millions; wanting to become a millionaire doesn’t.

As you can see, it all comes down to how you approach your goals.

If you want my help to have a Successful Outcome for your 2022 goals, I will recommend you to check out DIVINE SECRETS TO SUCCESSFUL MANIFESTATIONS. 

Which of these tips will you try? 

Let me know in the comments on the Instagram Post below.


5 Success Tips If You Really Want to Accomplish Your Goals in 2022.

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