How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Be‌ ‌a‌ ‌Badass‌ ‌(Even‌ ‌If‌ ‌You’re‌ ‌an‌ Introvert)‌

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Just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t be a badass! Here are 4 tips to bring some assertiveness and self-worth into your life.

Being introverted often turns into an excuse for not doing something. It’s so easy to use the introvert card to get out of something we don’t feel comfortable about. 

Many people, not only Lightworker, forget that being introverted is not a weakness or a limitation… unless you, of course, make it to one. Being introverted is a superpower that helps you focus on your genius. Introverts are creative and often quite nerdy-geek. 

We live in a world that is very extroverted, and we are told to get out and about and not just sit at home “doing nothing”. However, introverts don’t “do nothing” when we are home. Some read, some play computer games, and others are writing or doing something creative, and so forth. We have a very vivid inner world and can easily entertain ourselves… in peace and quiet. 

Going out and experiencing the world is fun, but we need time to recharge.

If you want to be happy, you need to do what makes YOU happy! – and being a badass can help you do that!

I define a Badass as someone who is assertive and dare to go after what she/he/they want without having a guilty conscience. Think of Donna Paulsen from SUITS.

donna paulsen suits

The difference between being assertive and arrogant is self-confidence and self-respect. When you are assertive, you have genuine self-confidence and self-respect, and you’re coming from your heart. When you are arrogant, you pretend to be self-confident to cover up the fact that you’re insecure and want to show everybody else that you’re better than them.
Assertive is genuine and authentic.
Arrogance is pretending and hiding your insecurity.

Tip #1 – Embrace Your Talents.

Everyone has talents, but most people are just too shy to embrace them or simply just write them off as “nothing special”! 

It’s very easy to find your talents. Your talents are what you’re most passionate about that comes easy to you. 

One of my talents is dancing. I danced before I walked – it wasn’t very pretty and definitely not on beat. When I was old enough, my parents enrolled me in a dance studio in Aarhus. When I was 7, I became a dance assistant for classes on a lower level than me and wedding couples-to-be. I got a permanent diagnosis when I was 14, which stopped my dance career. While I can’t dance at a high a level as I want to, dance is still very alive in my body, and I’m still practising at home.

Just because something comes easy to you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep practising. 

I’m a writer, and writing is the communication form that’s easiest for me. Still, I’m making sure to write at least 1,000 words every day. It’s like a muscle you need to exercise.

The same goes for spiritual talents. You must practise them frequently.

The more you practice your talents, the better you will become. The better you become at something, the easier it becomes to believe in yourself and your talents.

Tip #2 – Respect Yourself and Energy!

What makes badasses to badasses is their self-respect. They want to be met with the same respect from others. If people don’t respect them, they leave.

Since introverts often are shy, and as Lightworkers, we don’t like conflicts and upsetting people, it’s easy to become a pushover. As I have mentioned many times before, one of Lightworkers’ most common personality traits is people-pleasing. People-pleasing also happens to be one of the main reasons why Lightworkers suffer from depressions, stress and burnout.

People-pleasing is the exact opposite of self-respect and self-confidence. People-pleasing is the need for others to tell you how wonderful you are because of what you’re doing for them. People-pleaser’s views on self-worth are based on other people’s happiness. The sad truth is, you can never make everybody happy – and it’s not your responsibility to make everybody happy.

Without knowing you, I can also tell you that your life purpose and why you’re reincarnated into this lifetime has never, is not, and will never be to make everybody happy.

You have many life purposes, and one of them is about happiness… YOUR happiness!

One of your missions in this lifetime is to do whatever you can to be genuinely happy and satisfied without outside influences. It’s your assignment to cherish yourself and your energy so much that you’ll protect it from any harm!

A Simple Plan to Find the Purpose in Your Life

Tip #3 – Respect Your Time!

It’s not enough to protect yourself and your energy – you also must protect your time. Time is the only thing in life you only would have once. You can manifest more money, you can manifest more relationships, you can manifest a new job… but you can not manifest more time. Now is all you have!

If you truly want to be a badass, you must devote your time, energy and yourself to whatever you’re passionate about! If that is helping others, you need to dig deeper into how you’re passionate about helping others. An amazing idea would be to turn whatever you’re truly passionate about into a profession, so you can do it full-time while getting paid for it. If people truly want your help, they are more than happy to pay you! 

If they don’t want to pay you or think your price is too high, it’s because they 1) don’t want your help or 2) don’t respect you enough to meet your terms – either way, it won’t be a pleasant experience. 

Tip #4 – You Don’t Owe Anyone Anything!

You do know you are allowed to fire your clients, right? You don’t have to help someone just because they pay you. 

Suppose you don’t like to be around someone, or they are toxic. In that case, it’s your responsibility to end it as soon as possible… it doesn’t matter if it’s professionally or personally – negative energy shouldn’t be allowed in your presence.

Being badass is about being assertive and standing firm on what you believe in. It doesn’t mean you should be so stubborn that you won’t change your course just because you want it your way. 

One of the things I’m assertive about is being an incarnated seraph. I don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone because I don’t need someone else’s approval or validation of who I am. I have laid all the cards on the table with the local psychiatry and my doctor by being completely honest about everything. They haven’t diagnosed me with any mental illnesses. I had seen several doctors and therapists since I was 16 due to domestic violence, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and stress. My spiritual life has never been something they have been worried about. After 16 years of therapy, if the psychiatry doesn’t think I’m a nutjob, then I don’t care about what everybody else is thinking.

It’s not my job to convince anyone that I’m a seraph! – and if others only want to believe I’m a seraph if I’m popping my wings out in front of them, then it’s their loss, not mine. Nor is it my job to show any other proof that I’m speaking the truth. I don’t owe anything to anyone! The more people get to know me, and the deeper our conversation goes, the more of will the seraph part of me show itself. It’s only my most profound relationships who get to experience my seraph part in its true essence because it is something that happens naturally and usually without me thinking about it.

Assertiveness is about resting in what you know is true, without feeling the need to prove or convince anyone to agree with you!


If you want to survive in this world, you must develop assertiveness and self-respect and become a badass; otherwise, your life would become miserable. You must prioritise your own needs and yourself above anything else because only when you’re fully charged, you’ll have the energy and the resources to help those who need your help. The more you help yourself, the more you have to give to others. You WILL run empty if you put others needs before your own!

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