Are you a Lightworker who constantly struggles to please everyone? Discover 5 powerful tips to break free from people-pleasing habits and reclaim your happiness!
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5 Things You Need to Know Before You’re Trying to Please Everyone Else

In a world where kindness is celebrated, it’s easy to fall into the trap of people-pleasing. As a Lightworker, your compassionate nature might lead you down a path of perpetual self-sacrifice.

But here’s the truth: your well-being matters too. Let’s dive into the essence of my guide, “5 Things You Need to Know Before You’re Trying to Please Everyone Else”

#1 – Uncover Your Deepest Motivations (And Why It Matters)

Why do you bend over backwards to make everyone happy?

The answer lies in your motivations. Perhaps it’s the fear of being unloved or abandoned, rooted in past experiences of loneliness and betrayal.

As a Lightworker, understanding these motivations is your first step toward liberation.

This guide explores the powerful connection between your actions and your emotional history, empowering you to break free from the shackles of people-pleasing.

#2 – The Facts on Low Self-Esteem

People-pleasing is often a visible sign of low self-esteem. It’s a survival strategy, a way to secure approval and belonging. However, the irony is that people can sense low self-esteem from miles away, leading you to attract those who seek approval rather than genuine connection.

Discover the intricacies of self-worth and learn how boosting your confidence can reshape your relationships for the better.

#3 – Not Your Job to Fix Others


This guide emphatically reminds you to step down from the high horse of fixing others. While your intentions may be rooted in love, imposing your views or solutions on someone can be counterproductive.

Learn to be a friend, not a therapist, and guide others toward professional help when needed. Your role is to support, not to fix.

#4 – Beware of Energy Vampires

Ever felt drained after spending time with certain people?

They might be Energy Vampires.

This guide sheds light on these people who unconsciously suck the Energy out of you. Recognise the signs, set boundaries, and learn when to prioritise your well-being. You’ll discover how to help without falling into the trap of perpetual negativity that some people thrive on.

#5 – The Importance of Boundaries

Many Lightworkers find themselves burnt out from helping others without considering their own needs.

Lightworker Burnout is real, and this guide addresses it head-on.

You’ll learn the art of saying “No” without explanation and setting crucial boundaries to protect your Energy.

Without these boundaries, you risk attracting people who are more interested in what you can do for them than in genuine connections.

Your Light is precious, and it’s time to let it shine without the burden of people-pleasing.

My guide, “5 Things You Need to Know Before You’re Trying to Please Everyone Else” helps you to navigate the complicated world of relationships, self-worth, and boundaries.

Ready to reclaim your Light?


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Empower your light with "5 Things You Need to Know Before You’re Trying to Please Everyone Else" Break free from people-pleasing, set boundaries, and guard against Energy Vampires. Prioritise your well-being. Manifest the life you deserve.

Sabrina Seraphiel Bøglund

Sabrina Seraphiel Bøglund is a Danish Mindset Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Manifestation Expert and Writer, who Specialises in Helping Independent People to Break Free from the Cycle of Narcissistic Abuse and Toxic Relationships so that They can Manifest Their Dream Life. With over 16 Certifications, over 1½ Decades of experience as a Professional Spiritual Teacher, author of 6 books, including "Manifestation 101" and "Åndelig Kommunikation" (Spiritual Communication), and Growing Up with an Abusive Narcissistic Mother with Psychopathic Traits, Sabrina Knows First-Hand the Power of Mindset and Manifestation. Join her Community Today at and Start Creating the Life You Deserve.

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